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img_mining_applications_1.jpgLarge mining tires are a precious commodity. We’ve seen years with incredibly high demand and low supply, and more recently, economic conditions that demand stricter control of assets and expenditure.  In all situations, enTIRE can provide the appropriate management and safety information to help you extend the life of your running stock.  

In addition to tracking your tires enTIRE also tracks rims and their associated test schedules.

enTIRE is completely scalable making it suitable for the smallest single site operations to large international, multi-site, multi-user operations.  It can be installed on a single pc, in a client-server configuration, and even deployed across the internet or WAN utilizing the Citrix framework.

To assist you in making the best decisions, enTIRE will calculate detailed information on each tire including:

  • Tire cost per kilometer, mile, hour, ton
  • Total tire life
  • Tire failure/scrap reason(s)
  • Repair performance
  • Retread performance
  • Rim performance, scheduling and testing
  • Manufacturer performance
  • Wear rates
  • Full positional history
  • Site transfer history
  • Warranty history
  • Pressure and tread history
  • Tire forecasting
  • Fleet surveys
  • Full audit trail of all transactions

Our rich set of reports and our Dynamic Report Writer provides you with a complete view and full access to all of your tire and rim performance information.  With our enTIRE SupplierNET module, you can allow each tire and rim manufacturer remote access to your data.  The data they access is completely configurable by you.

If enTIRE PressureNet, our TPMS solution is installed, enTIRE can create even more cost and time savings by eliminating the need for manual pressure readings while also giving alerts on tire positions with pressure related issues.  Data automatically flows between the two systems with pressures automatically being imported from our TPMS solution into the history of each tire.

enTIRE Wheels is currently tracking data for hundreds of mine sites throughout the world.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your operation and software requirements.




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